About me.

Methods. I am a methodologist, and a storyteller. My focus is quantitative methods because I love the way numbers can tell a story. Ultimately I love mixed-methods, because I’ve discovered that’s the best way to tell our stories.

Assessment, Evaluation, & Research. That’s the work that lets me tell stories about how cool things are. I get to find out what works, what doesn’t work, and maybe even help people become better at what they want to become.

Relationship. Assessment, evaluation, and research is about relationship with others. I’ve spent my life working on how to be a better person in the world, and how to understand others. The work I do helps others do the same.

Diversity and Inclusion. I’ve spent my life working to understand our societal systems, and I’ve spent my career trying to understand how my work can help make what we do better for everyone. My current academic interests center around how I can retool my use of methods to help all my work lead to better systems for everyone.

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