A visual of how society perpetuates and interrupts oppression.

Explanation of colors and events included

The idea of this timeline is that:
1. Economic needs and wants (green) leads to imperialism 
2. Imperialism (grey) and the colonization of lands leads to 
3. The codification (yellow) of the oppression of others through laws, creation and acts of government, and judicial processes.
4. Which leads to social scientific (pink) practices that normalize this state of oppressive society.
5. Education (blue) then perpetuates all of this.
6. One thing that interrupts this process is organized activism (purple).

Event Color Key
1. Things that take place or exist over a period of time are on top, single date events are at the bottom. 
2. Those items with White text are seen by Brooke as being oppressive
3. Those items with Black or Teal text are seen by Brooke as being liberate
4. Those items with Green text are either neutral or are seen by Brooke to both oppress and liberate groups of people.

Text Colors

  • White: Actions that led to oppressing others, that were directly done to oppress others
  • Black: Actions that were done to liberate others
  • Teal: Actions that were done to liberate others
  • Green: Actions that neither liberated nor oppressed others