Below is a sample of my work – the sample includes published articles, technical reports, presentation slides, and my dissertation.


  • Robertshaw, M. B. & Asher, A. (2019). Unethical Numbers? A meta-analysis of library impact studies. Library Trends (68)1, pp.76-101. Access this article (free) 
  • Robertshaw, M. B., Willi Hooper, M., & Goergen-Doll, K. (2017). Finding the silver lining… in the serials budget crisis. Against the Grain (29)2. Access this article (free)
  • Robertshaw, M.B. & Campbell, T. (2013). Constructing arguments: Investigating pre-service science teachers’ argumentation skills in a socio-scientific context. Science Education International (24)2, pp. 195-211. Access this article (free)

Technical Reports


  • Robertshaw, M. B. (2020, February). The lock to the safe has been tampered with: Why FERPA & IRB aren’t enough to protect student data in higher education. Presentation to the Student Data Privacy Symposium, Oregon State University. Access the slides
  • Robertshaw, M.B. (2019, April). Emancipating quantitative methods from the status- white, colonial, patriarchal, heteronormative, racist, classist – quo. Webinar for Psi Chi: The honors society for psychology. Access the slides
  • Robertshaw, M.B. & Dello Stritto, M.E. (2018, October). Effect Sizes. Research in Action Podcast, Oregon State University E-Campus Research Team. Access this podcast episode 
  • Robertshaw, M.B. (2017, May). Shiny Happy Assessment. Presentation at the Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon Annual Meeting. Vancouver, WA. Access the slides


Mixing the emic and etic perspectives: A study exploring development of fixed-answer questions to measure in-service teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge. Access the manuscript